My Design Exposed


Enter void, the scene is laid
Fade from black
a moonlight glow, amidst the dark night
dim lit lights breaking through, casting misty fog
into my eyes, I attempt to swallow back anxiety
Bodies of ashes, whispers of breath brush onward, Smells of Peroxide, I am lost to a storm
Drawing my arm to the level of my brows, inching back like a worm. But tempted to freeze with time
Dissolve the meat from the bone
Analalyze the illigality
Silence surrounds me, I eagerly look for a sign
sway back and forth, glow of white
The Careless paradigm, as my mind shifts focus
pupils dissolve to white
release my arm to my side, now I have nothing to hide
One by one they all fall down
snap back to the now, another point in time
words they become me as I waver, lost in focus but driven by integrity
The belief “I am right”,
I never made this nightmare
Become my reality!
He, who I lend my undivided honesty
broke through my seams
and made of me a coat
to wear on his back, to use whats left of me
to cover his tracks
The farther I run, the more I stumble
uncontrollable, his hunger, I fear it
Yet I starve for a mind to seek out
mine, to understand, that never did I do it!
Wind up a criminal, forced onto my knees like an Animal
‘Serve or be served’ so I choke, upon the same old fumes
I would kill to rid of the ghosts in my shattered memory
I remember, but do I ever remember clearly?
The way the beast, that Stag looks to me
Into my eyes, into my soul
right infront, across the banquet
Only feet away, he nears me
Face to face, Perfectly mirrored
I see in him what I believed to see in myself
Was it manipulation?
A driven force from a darkness I waged war against?
A figmented shadow lending me his horns as a defense?
I stood tall for the longest, I held it all back
he knocked, and bucked
Then my balanced plucked from beneath, I lost my stance
I allowed him entry, without my awknowledgment this would happen
Invited into a home, a patient to a man
I believe isn’t just a Man
Who’d make any hunter lose its scent
With a casual dissmissive hand and a spoken cliche
Disguising the truth as a work of Art
Light sways, blank memories
Deer stuck in the headlights
spilling its guts
shot down only to be fed fear and grief
Release me from this torment,
“cage this animal, not me!”
The ear forced down my throat,
forced to hear the rumbling of his
stomach, hunger for the possession he seeks
I want an honest reflection
not the dark monster I have to face
sway back and forth, here we are again
Cut scene to the end
A glow of white
The Careless paradigm
my mind shifts focus
pupils dissolve to white
Put myself in his place,
now I have nothing to hide
The Beast, The Stag
The Animal I’ve become
“This… is my design.”




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